Jennifer Pons is a poet, educator, and mother. After working full time raising her kids, she needed a website portfolio to showcase her published work in order to prepare for the publication of her first volume of poetry and her reentry into the workforce.

Jennifer is a sensory poet. She relies on scent, color, and floral imagery and symbolism to communicate with her audience, and her website needed to reflect those aspects of her work and life. The peony is a recurring motif in her poems, both for its colors and its complexity, so it was the perfect image to present on her homepage.

As a portfolio, and especially a poetry portfolio, Jennifer’s website required simplicity, sparse but well used space and content, and sensory images and colors. She had some ideas about what she wanted, but I tapped into what I knew about her and her tastes, and also what the poems themselves called for. 

Special thanks to Jennifer Pons for trusting me with her portfolio, and Darren Cools for his support.