Building off my childhood experience making handmade soap with my mother, I founded Roots Soap Co. in 2010.

I wanted a creative and profitable project I could pursue while raising my young children that would allow me to remain professionally connected and grow my experience. My vision was a company that used only all natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, driven by a love of people and the environment.

Through dedication and continually refining the company’s vision, Roots Soap Co. grew quickly to become a well-known brand both online and in the greater Portland, Oregon area. 

Through the Etsy marketplace and local maker fairs, I sought out and connected with other local makers and business owners to collaborate and share insights. I was interviewed on OPB’s State of Wonder, and I participated on a panel of small business owners at Made Here PDX. 

As the branding evolved, so did the products and the demand. I especially enjoyed collaborations that involved custom products and packaging. Roots Soap Co. products could be found in Powell’s Books on Hawthorne, Coava Coffee, MadeHerePDX, Worn Path, Society Hotel, EtCetera St. Johns, and Tender Loving Empire. I developed custom products with Coava Coffee, Worn Path, Urban Nest Realty, and Base Camp Brewing.

I developed an entire Northwest line with local ingredients, essential oils, and custom packaging with illustrations that reflected the passion and landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

In the five years I was in business, I built and nurtured long-term professional relationships with customers and clients, and the Etsy store accumulated 3337 sales and over 1000 5-star reviews.

By 2015, the business had grown larger than I could manage without significant investment and a production team. I had to discern what I had learned from business: Did I enjoy making soap, or was it something else? I found that what I really cared about was the branding and strategy of building a beautiful and successful business. I closed Roots Soap Co. and went back to school. As I take this next step to pursue my love of content strategy and marketing, I am profoundly grateful for my experience with Roots Soap Co.  

Special thanks to Darren Cools for his design and support and to all of my customers and collaborators.